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Do you know what your competitors, target audience and market is doing? We do!
It’s a crazy world! Everyone is being tracked in some fashion or form. Perpetual Vibes Marketing and Management has access to much of this information. Uncovering your competition, target audience behaviors and the state of your market builds the foundation of formulating a solid marketing plan, website, or online campaign.

Once the research has been successfully completed, the strategy can be developed. Every strategy is different and custom-developed for each client’s unique and creative needs. Perpetual Vibes Marketing and Management will deliver a detailed marketing plan, specific to your target audience and catered to the marketing channels that they engage with most frequently.

Brand Research, Audits and Analysis– Helps you to determine the positioning of your business and to plan corrective strategies, Empowers you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your artistry as a business brand, Guides you to align your offerings more accurately with the expectations of fans and customers, Enables you to get up to speed with the perceptions (positive or negative) about your business and brand.

Digital Integrated Marketing –Digital Integrated Marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise; it attempts to meld all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media, through their respective mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities, so that all work together as a unified force. It is a process designed to ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer and/or targeted audience.

Entertainment Channel Marketing – We work specifically with artists and bands to make sure your music is being distributed through all the right channels to grow your audience and fanbase. We will create effective campaigns using all of our services to make sure you are getting full exposure while supporting your creative endeavors.

Branding & Positioning Statements- We will help identify your brand and develop through an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word, and/or sentence which sets you apart from your competition. A brand positioning statement serves as a guiding force that every creative asset will be measured against. We will be responsible for streamlining the process of ensuring that every asset is on-brand and in-tune with your brand positioning statement before it’s introduced to your audience.

Logo Development– We will help create a logo that is more than a generic icon; it’s an embodiment of what a company stands for—a visual ambassador for a brand.

Email Marketing– We will use this highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Pay Per Click Advertising – We can set up Pay Per Click (or PPC) paid digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. The term PPC can apply to paid ads on social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization & Ranking- We specialize in this evolving process that helps increase awareness through search rankings, utilizing all tools through your Website, social media, and content optimization, Managing website content, Building and nurturing an online community, Negotiating backlinks, SEO strategy, Campaign organization and planning, Keyword research, Market analysis

Campaign Development- We will work with you on creative promotional ideas to grow your fan base and overall recognition. This is a collaboration and will be in constant communication on what we should do each week/month/year to make sure we are utilizing all of our resources to have effective campaigns that create the results you need.

Social Network Management, Set Up, and Optimization– We will create all necessary social sites that will drive awareness, connections with fans, potential sponsors, and the overall audience you need to grow followers and recognition.

Reporting for all marketing and management initiatives- All of our services will be tracked, and reporting will be analyzed daily to ensure we are optimizing ever necessary channel to grow your recognition. We can track Analytics and develop creative presentations to send to Potential Venues, Sponsors, Tour Managers, Festival contacts, Radio stations, etc

Website Design/ Development– Designing a website is pretty simple once the brand research and strategy is complete. The design concept flows from brand tool kit and the final website development plan (Wireframes & Sitemap). With a solid layout planned, we build out the look and feel that properly represents your brand and image.

Merch Marketing/sponsorship negotiations-If you are looking to partner with a company that has connections this is where you want to be. Our management has years of experience in the entertainment sales and marketing field. We know how to connect you with a great sponsor to promote brand awareness.

Social, Viral and Testimonial Video production- Our team will be able to create cool and creative content for all social sites.

Press Release Development and Electronic Press Kit Production– We will work directly with you to develop an exciting and fun press release that tells your story and reaches mass audience. We can also utilize our savvy team to create an EPK for prospecting new avenues for you and your brand.

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